• Linda Farnden

Micro blog post - Don't wait for your hamster wheel to break!

Becoming ill can often be a blessing in disguise. I have been running on fumes for a while now but my body obviously had enough.

And so I found myself at home for 2 weeks, with a very empty diary - a luxury I wouldn't have otherwise allowed myself. When we are stuck on a hamster wheel, going 100 miles an hour, we don't have time for the important but not urgent things (including our own health).

So when the hamster wheel breaks, we are forced to stop and suddenly we see the things around us that have up until now been just a blurry backdrop. I was able to stop and think. I was able to check with myself, check where I am actually heading. Very often, we race 100 miles an hour, thinking how efficient we are, but it's no good if we are going in the wrong direction. And so I became to realise that rather than a wellbeing coach, I much more enjoy helping women to get organised, manage their time better and get more intentional with how they spend their time. That's what I truly enjoy and that's what lights me up.

So I guess the moral of this story is... Don't wait until your health fails you. Don't wait until the hamster wheel you are stuck on breaks. Make time for the things that matter now!

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