Meet Linda

Well-being Coach and Facilitator

I came to UK in 2012 with just one large black suitcase and a heart full of hopes and dreams. I was 25. 


In that same year, I finished my degree in Special Education and qualified as a Specialist Teacher. Since then, most of my work has been within the Education and Mental Health sectors in one way or another.

I had the privilege of meeting women from all walks of life while running my own business as an Art & Crafts tutor. I learnt a lot about the healing benefits of creative activities and social interaction.


I worked closely with a girl who had special educational needs. In the year we worked together, I saw her thrive despite all the limitations and disabilities.

Before I had my son in 2018, I volunteered for various mental health charities. Here, I had the opportunity to see people with all kinds of mental health difficulties become stronger and more confident. I saw the power of being part of supportive group and doing something creative and meaningful.


At the same time I also worked for the NHS mental health service. I learnt a lot about human nature. Our nature.


I have always been good with schedules, to-do lists, organisation and planning. Since becoming a mum, I've had to learn how to juggle and manage multiple priorities all at the same time. I have many roles in life: I am a wife, mum, employee, student, tutor and a business owner. And besides all these roles, I am also an individual with hopes, dreams and aspirations. 

It's fair to say that 2020 was a year full of changes and challenges for many of us! After experiencing burn out, I made the tough decision to close my Art & Crafts business after 5 years. I knew my life needed to change so that it was filled with things that I truly valued - things that were meaningful to me. This is when - and why - I decided to become a well-being coach.

I completed the Transformational coaching diploma with the Animas Centre for Coaching. My goal is to support women who want to change their life but are unsure which direction to choose. I also want to support those who know where they want to go, or what they want to do, but perhaps lack the confidence or courage to take the next step. 

Some of the clients I worked with:

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I'm in awe of how much we covered in just four sessions. Linda provided a safe space to explore area's I was hesitant to delve into. I've never felt more listened to & came away feeling rejuvenated and with a clarity of thought I've never truly experienced. Thank you Linda.

- LB

Linda has a calm, kind manner which helped me relax and feel reassured during our sessions. Linda was always ready to listen and provide me with the space I needed to delve into my thoughts. In turn, this allowed me to take control of the session and come to my own solution/outcome, I think this is a great skill and a key reason I would recommend Linda.

- SJ

I wish l had coaching sessions with Linda years ago, l think it’s something everyone needs at times in their lives, whether it be regular sessions or something that we can turn to when the balance in life is not good or we have difficult situations to deal with. It’s good to talk to someone who can look at things from the outside and help you simplify it.

- PB